#0210 – Kandie

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Why:  I want everybody to see my delicious cunt!

Age: 37

Country: USA

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  1. You have a very tasty looking cunt, Kandie… One that matches your name! Would love to suck on that hot looking clit then finish you off with a mind blowing orgasm with my tongue before introducing my cock to that hot moist cunt!! My email is kenyder1370@aol.com if you’d like to connect! Have lots of pics if you wish to swap!! XOXO Ken S

  2. Perfect boobs rating: 10
    Worst boobs rating: 0
    Average woman tits rating: 5

    For your tits:
    Size: 10
    Shape: 5
    Areola: 6
    Nipple: 9

    Overall rating: 7.5

  3. Big bouncy tits for a gr8 tit fuck! Your pussy looking gr8, nice clit and pussy hole when you pull it open !

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