10 thoughts on “#0382 – Scilia

  1. I will happily chew on it for you and eat it 😋😉Lol. I love meaty pussies with flaps that caress my shaft while penetrating. Bigger flaps are great fun for chewing and sucking on as well. Also visually appealing; I like watching you pull your flaps one in each hand parting them so I can see in your tight little hole.

  2. I’d love to see a few different shots as your inner labia doesn’t look that big to me. I personally love dangling inner labia. In my opinion youbha e no need at all for surgery

  3. Yummy! I love it how it you are. I would love it after surgery too. Do what makes you happy and be sure you’re doing it for yourself, not to please someone else.

  4. I think your pussy is very hot and shldnt be messed with but I can see the issue u might have with it and if u feel uncomfortable then u shld do it, we’re just here to fantasize about sticking our dicks in it, we’re no experts.

  5. I see no need for any changes! That pussy is delightful & would love to taste test it to see how sweet & creamy it really is!

  6. Love sucking and licking the lips myself and would enjoy yours im sure. If your man wont say yes or no im thinking hes ok with way u are but wouldny mind a little changes but he should be honest if he truly loved you. Mo way id have cosmetic surgery i d like to c more honestly. We can swap via email or skype. skype @ luckystryke4269 or email@ luckystryke68@gmail.com

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