#0421 – Leksie

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Why: Self conscious after baby by c section. In a difficult marriage. Thinking about an affair with a man I know, though I won’t go through with it.

Age: 34

Country: Australia

Size: 12DD

9 thoughts on “#0421 – Leksie

  1. You have nothing to be self concious about. You are a gorgeous woman. We all have flaws. The scar is a part of you. Like my scar is a part of me. Cant even notice it. The rest of you outshines the little imperfections. 🙂

  2. That pussy needs to get taking care of, and if your husband won’t do it then u do what u got to.
    Who ever it is will be one lucky guy. Your hubby needs to take notice cuz he will regret losing such a sweet piece of ass.

  3. Leksie sweetheart you are absolutely perfect. A C- section scare is a scare of love and devotion and a sign of a real woman. As far as I’m concerned you have the perfect tight little naked body. I’d dive between your silky tights licking and eating your pussy making you cum so many time that you beg me to stop. Perfect tits for squeezing while pulling pinching and nibbling on your nipples . Would love to talk to you and see more pics of your exquisite naked body. Email me at redman196153@gmail.com with more pics. In the meantime be proud and confident about your body.

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