9 thoughts on “#0522 – Jane

      1. Also, when 90% of the replies are “Kik me at wankingfapper” or “email me nuuuudddzzz” why would any of these women bother?
        They are asking to be rated, and most people replying are so dilusional that they think a woman might send them nudes. Don’t they realize that’s exactly what women are doing by posting here?

        Why not give your rating for someone, and say ‘I love them, hope you post more.” Stop being greedy people. None of these women are going to Kik or email your personal email addresses. Just rate them and enjoy the pictures we get.

  1. Close to perfection
    Keep showing off, send me more.
    I could look at you all day.
    You’re very addicting
    Let’s chat

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