#0804 – Dabesty_GF

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Why:  I recently gained some weight and insecure about how my tits are a bit sagged now… First pic is how it was and the last of what it is now – how do you rate me?

Age: 22

Country: Russia

6 thoughts on “#0804 – Dabesty_GF

  1. You look amazing in both sets of pics. If only you lived closer as I would date you in a heart beat. Keep you the great work and love to see more beautiful amazing pics of your body and chat drop me a e mail at cute_ns_guy@yahoo.com

  2. Are the two topless photos from the same person? Because in the first photo the nipples seem to be much bigger than the second, the hair are different as well as the body shape. Anyway, all the photos show a body that is more than attractive!!

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