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Why:  I took some new pics and sent 2 weeks ago but something happened and the pics never arrived. I erased most of it and the only one I have left is this one. I’m waiting on my friend so we can take some pictures together. What do you guys think? Is it too dark? It used to be way lighter but after I had 2 babies it became darker. It’s been only 6 months though so I am hoping it wil go back to the normal color. Any guys in the Midwest wanting to have some 3some fun? I am 5’11, 140 pounds brunette. I’ve been married for 13 years and he was my first and only. He finally agreed to have a 3some! Send me an email at 

Let me know! Thanks �de0a

Age:   30

Country:   USA

26 thoughts on “#0884 – Sasha

    1. Thank you Tiffany!
      Yes I would love that! I think Asian women are beautiful, sexy and have amazing skin! 😘💗

    2. Wow, kinky! Can you pleasure upload and share naked pics, Tiffany! I’ve never seen an older Asian woman.

      A naughty Asian woman seems so rare! I love it…

  1. Your pussy is tiny! I love it!! And you ass is perfect! I would use it as a plate and eat all my meals out of it! Makes my mouth water just looking at it! I want it soooo bad!!!

    1. Wow, Sasha, I would love to TASTE that butthole!

      Have you ever had it tasted before?! I’d want you to be “my first”… 😉

  2. You have the most gorgeous perfect ass and pussy ive ever seen. Omg i want to feel your amazing skin and lick you until your dripping and as swollen as you just made me. Do you need filled with me?

    1. Thank you babe! Your comment made me happy and super horny! I would love to feel your hard dick inside me! Send me an email with a pic of your hard dick so I can play with myself while imagining it inside of me. 💋

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