#1001 – Stevie

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Why:  Hey im 26 and i have a boyfriend who assures me he loves my V even tho people say im a very attractive girl ive never felt confident in myself because my v dosnt look like the girls in porn. I guess im doing this for some self liberation and build my confidence!!! Fire away and be honest.

Age: 26

Country: Australia

Size: (Unknown)

3 thoughts on “#1001 – Stevie

  1. Remember that most Porn girls do OPS to look like Barbie, I personally find most of them unnatural and not attractive.

    You have a natural big lipped V, and it is absolutely gorgeous. It has beautiful colour and honestly got my heart racing.

    Your BF is lucky as hell.

    Be proud of what you have, there is no reason to feel ashamed. I find your modesty very attractive. But dont ever feel you are not worthy.

    Thanks for posting, it was an honor for me to have set eyes on your V.


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