#1303 – Monica

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Why: Want real honest opinion. Super self conscious about my big lips. I feel they are too big and long and ugly. And no one will find be attractive. Sorry for bad quality picture.

Age: 24

Country: USA

Size: (Unknown)

5 thoughts on “#1303 – Monica

  1. I do believe you have a stunning pussy and I love the lips. Would love to see a good quality color photo as that would be a true reflection. You should not be concerned look good to me.

  2. I think your lips are amazing and looks like a pussy I have always wanted to fuck (all pussys I have fucked have been with small lips) I would love to suck on them and have them slide up and down my cock

    1 million out of 10 for me

  3. Big pussy lips are just fine by me. As a king I love to suck on lips just like lips on the face I hope you like how I kiss it

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