Let’s chat …

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… the last past few months have been brilliant.

Had a great response to the appeal for men photos and are still looking for more women pictures.

Hopefully, we’ll have a better year in 2019 and as from today, this post will be left on the front page for comments, chats, opinions or ideas that we can chat about.

There is a new form for you to send in questions for us to discuss. There will be a few subjects that will not be added and that will be decided once we’ve received the email.

Also, there will be a sponsored link from The-Flashers who have donated to this cause. Feel free to visit their site by using this link. As this website costs money to maintain and is only for fun, a donation of any domination would be a great help. 

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  1. There seemed to be an error on the Chat form but this has now been corrected so for those who sent in their messages, please could you re-send it so i can post these for you


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